Psalm 134

Toiling in the mundane seems     far from blessedness, but keeping your post, or not     leaving it to chance, persists an incarnation     of

Psalm 133

If unity means that we think     the same thing, then unity is a lost coin     in the leaves. But if it means that

The Bright Blue Room

I don’t remember the sky without    those man-made clouds – those airplane slug trails      that lead from concentration to dissipated        sky dander.

Psalm 120

Truth is a tactical disadvantage against a ruthless heart. Peace is taboo to crooked brokers who sell lies for gain.;hcsb

Psalm 119t

Breathless tyrants may pour out their rage, but I will cling to the word of a Good King. Amen.

Psalm 119s

A promise is a buried treasure or a landmine. The heart of the one who places it makes the difference.;hcsb

Psalm 119r

God’s oath is a flinty stone. It can spark raging fires. It can divide, razor-thin. It weathers the ages.;hcsb