Psalm 148

Psalm 148

It’s just a collection of vapor.     We call it rain – sometimes a storm. But it’s just a gathering of steam, an unquestioning retreat of moisture. Each molecule has its part     to play in an unending dance. I […]

Psalm 147

psalm 147

I saunter up to reception, pushing past the smaller guests. “One table, please.” It’s an order that I’ve framed as a request. It’s absurd because I’m supposed to be taking orders and waiting tables today – not here acting like […]

Psalm 146

psalm 146

The golden creek bed waves to me. I scale the asphalt runoff to find the water teeming with playful creatures and pebbles. I sense the opportunity to build a great pool for them. I dam up the stream just before […]

Psalm 141

Sometimes I sit in The Church of Nothingood and let the choir soak my spirit in terrible lies. It’s a splendid mess of modern dissonant, voices – sent to tell me how to breathe and live out loud. But I […]

Psalm 138

psalm 138

I am not lowly    when I leverage privilege to shout or whine at the tax     rate on my shiny, selfish things. I am not lowly      when I bemoan loss of newness or bristle at friends       when […]

Psalm 137

psalm 137

The guilty party goes unpunished,     and it feels like justice is an arcade token, limited     by trade and arrangement: “Win or lose, but don’t expect power.”     But maybe Power waits for the fruit of repentance to grow […]

Psalm 136

psalm 136

As I take delight in history     I’m so often the ignorant page – marked by happenings but never moved.     What if I should be upturned instead of delivered? What if I should be     torn down to be […]