Psalm 150

Psalm 150

Praise is not a compliment,    not a friendly recognition of a favor. It’s an outpouring – a soul    wrenching expression of longing and loyal love. It isn’t a sugar stick,    doesn’t require a smile, though it can […]

Psalm 149

psalm 149

I’m suspicious of victory     or maybe superiority that comes from winning. Perhaps I     just can’t stand to lose. No matter what, victory concerns me deeply.     The manic acts of celebration halt me. I question the logic.     […]

Psalm 148

Psalm 148

It’s just a collection of vapor.     We call it rain – sometimes a storm. But it’s just a gathering of steam, an unquestioning retreat of moisture. Each molecule has its part     to play in an unending dance. I […]

Psalm 147

psalm 147

I saunter up to reception, pushing past the smaller guests. “One table, please.” It’s an order that I’ve framed as a request. It’s absurd because I’m supposed to be taking orders and waiting tables today – not here acting like […]

Psalm 146

psalm 146

The golden creek bed waves to me. I scale the asphalt runoff to find the water teeming with playful creatures and pebbles. I sense the opportunity to build a great pool for them. I dam up the stream just before […]

Psalm 145

psalm 145

Slouching in front of the pantry,    staring at the tangled packages filled with nothing, replaced with hope    or negligence. This is the moment where God’s compassion fills deeply.    But this is also the precipice. Foul feelings shimmer […]

Psalm 144

Psalm 144

If I feel planted     when so many are denied rooting, am I a Hebrew,     disenfranchised in the desert night or Egyptian born?     Am I hiding in caves or hunting? A Galilean,     or am I slaughtering innocents? […]

Psalm 143

Psalm 143

There’s a creeping haze when you’re lost. It sets in softly at first. “Shouldn’t there be a trail marker?” “I thought the landmark was here.” Then panic is a wakened child. Frantic bees in your rib-cage signal to your infant […]

Psalm 142

psalm 142

I’ve been underneath the soil – darkness so blinding my ears muffled in response. I was surrounded by friends. My dad, less than an arm’s length, but presence was lost. The imagination wants to invent monsters and false images to […]

Psalm 141

Sometimes I sit in The Church of Nothingood and let the choir soak my spirit in terrible lies. It’s a splendid mess of modern dissonant, voices – sent to tell me how to breathe and live out loud. But I […]