Psalm 48

We think worlds are    imperishable. But cities may expire or sour. Organizations wilt and      mold. Only God remains.;niv2011

Psalm 47

Why won’t the kings of earth act like they belong to God instead of strutting and fretting: posturing? Why won’t I?;niv2011

Psalm 46

Sometimes, God is a dad who gets up mid- project, “I’ll be back.” I cling to his leg, but there’s work to do.;niv2011

Psalm 45

A blessing is a thing we say before a meal a thing we do when someone sneezes. When is it a thing we  are to

Psalm 44

As a boy I tried grabbing salamanders from the creek. They’re just like    intentions and are better left swimming.;esv

Psalm 43

I insist that people see my view. I abandon a fort, walk into a       chaos  of darkness, and no one sees anything.

Psalm 42

Shoulder pads and plastic made a Georgia summer oppressive. Coaches and heat were tyrannical. Thirst became tangible.;esv


We will forget. For at least three-hundred and something days most of us will live like nothing ever happened. Will you please forgive us, them,

Psalm 41

Open arms and borders to refugees and godlike compassion opens the Heart.       Grace gives a stranger a home.;esv