I miss you. When the world is full of cheers and lights and life, I miss you. When the songs turn wintry, heavenly, and peaceful

The children are chirping at the bus stop, fed on their parents regurgitations. “Are you Spanish?” “He doesn’t look Spanish.” “He looks Asian!” (What does

I found a lightning rod today, a subtle, soul-grounding stake, copper clad and conductive      to the bone. I grabbed it, felt a lone

King Gary

This piece was scheduled to post a year ago today. I never posted it on account of the fact that my cousin, Patrick Price, suddenly died the day before. It’s a piece that would have been too difficult for any of us to read that day. It’s still a piece that may be difficult for my family to read but that, I hope, will help my family to be encouraged: my grandpa, Gary Price, and my dear cousin, Patrick Price, are both in the presence of the Almighty.


4.5 A gasp and a cry. Thumping up steep stairs. (Too steep. Stupid builders!) “Creak,” shouts the landing. The end of the      hallway