Psalm 122

“Eat your carrots, or you’re getting a whipping!”    develops the palate of a food critic       as much as “Keep this treaty, or we’re going to

Psalm 121

I’ve screamed into my pillow. I’ve filled the hollow ground with an echoed voice. I’ve tapped on the doors of drowsy parents. But I haven’t

Psalm 120

Truth is a tactical disadvantage against a ruthless heart. Peace is taboo to crooked brokers who sell lies for gain.;hcsb

Psalm 119t

Breathless tyrants may pour out their rage, but I will cling to the word of a Good King. Amen.

Psalm 119s

A promise is a buried treasure or a landmine. The heart of the one who places it makes the difference.;hcsb

Psalm 119r

God’s oath is a flinty stone. It can spark raging fires. It can divide, razor-thin. It weathers the ages.;hcsb

Psalm 119q

Even if I whimpered an under-breath confession of my infinite need, I’d do more justice to him.;hcsb

Psalm 119p

Would I enjoy being bent to the point of fracturing if I were sure that I was being righted from within?

Psalm 119o

If I never hurt – If I never cried for injustices – I might never know the brokenhearted need to cast aside the old government

Psalm 119n

The sky soothes with a serene posture. Is anything happening up there? Meanwhile, below the cloud belt, God acts. He manages, a few minutes more,