Psalm 130

Am I standing in the driveway,     pulsing my heart for arrival… or am I sitting on the bed,     cowering for disapproval? Psalm 130

Psalm 128

I pray.    But the vine withers. I beg.    But I’m overdrawn. And where is my faith-blessing? Why is my growth so stunted?    I beg the

Psalm 127

If we could build a city    shrill with the possibilities of joy, how would we hold the footings    fast? We cheapen everything for profit. Psalm

Psalm 126

Have we become celebrants    who deny participants access to our thanksgiving    because we won’t weep with them? Psalm 126

Psalm 125

A man, yelling in the street;    I stretch my perception to hear. He’s cursing injustices.    Should I be a listener? Psalm 125

Psalm 124

Grit is nothing to scoff at.    People and countries need it. But it cannot replace the    fact of embodied Spirit. Psalm 124

Psalm 123

He’s throwing something in the street.    “What are you doing, child?” “That’s a yucky part!” You can argue with disdain,    but it takes a God

Psalm 122

“Eat your carrots, or you’re getting a whipping!”    develops the palate of a food critic       as much as “Keep this treaty, or we’re going to

Psalm 121

I’ve screamed into my pillow. I’ve filled the hollow ground with an echoed voice. I’ve tapped on the doors of drowsy parents. But I haven’t

Psalm 120

Truth is a tactical disadvantage against a ruthless heart. Peace is taboo to crooked brokers who sell lies for gain.;hcsb