Psalm 40

How do you think of me: fretting    like a parent, huffing disappointment, or smiling as you wave me off to school?;esv

Psalm 39

Shaken like a 2-liter, what spews out is praise and hope. I tend to chortle comfort and bubble with convenience.;esv

Psalm 38

“Just speaking my mind” is commonplace, like summer gnats sticking in your eyes. Silence and patience offer relief.;esv

Psalm 37

Trust is seeing an ancient floor, weathered and unstable. Stepping out, finding a granite slab, still feels rickety.;esv

Psalm 36

Equity swells my heart and drives me, never righteousness. I have no grace for the graceless. Compassion bankrupt.;esv

Psalm 35

A soul is impressionable. Like a hard drive, a soul is filled with telling data. Who writes at the prompt?

Loving Your Own

Take what isn’t yours and run! Stolen things are better in mixed company. So gather false friends and family, you know, the ones who support

Psalm 34

An unknown offering, a toddler’s sneer and spasm, the nervy coaxing ends as silent cheering erupts.;esv

Psalm 32

When interminable night slips through some secret barrier and sleep finally percolates, forgiveness is accepted.;esv