Psalm 138

I am not lowly    when I leverage privilege to shout or whine at the tax     rate on my shiny, selfish things. I am

Psalm 137

The guilty party goes unpunished,     and it feels like justice is an arcade token, limited     by trade and arrangement: “Win or lose, but

Psalm 136

As I take delight in history     I’m so often the ignorant page – marked by happenings but never moved.     What if I should

Psalm 135

If God delights in me,     even a little, why shouldn’t I delight     in grace more than in self-congratulation?     What if God’s little

Psalm 134

Toiling in the mundane seems     far from blessedness, but keeping your post, or not     leaving it to chance, persists an incarnation     of

Psalm 133

If unity means that we think     the same thing, then unity is a lost coin     in the leaves. But if it means that

The Bright Blue Room

I don’t remember the sky without    those man-made clouds – those airplane slug trails      that lead from concentration to dissipated        sky dander.

Psalm 132

I haven’t been so restless     as to suspend everything until your rightful place is      situated in my soul. Psalm 132

Psalm 131

Hope is not fickle   or noncommittal. It doesn’t wait until you’re occupied,    pack up memories, relational ties,      and “Dear John” your dreams. I do

Psalm 130

Am I standing in the driveway,     pulsing my heart for arrival… or am I sitting on the bed,     cowering for disapproval? Psalm 130