Psalm 119p

Would I enjoy being bent to the point of fracturing if I were sure that I was being righted from within?

Psalm 119o

If I never hurt – If I never cried for injustices – I might never know the brokenhearted need to cast aside the old government

Psalm 119n

The sky soothes with a serene posture. Is anything happening up there? Meanwhile, below the cloud belt, God acts. He manages, a few minutes more,

Psalm 119m

The “wicked” are always somebody else. Couldn’t be you or I. We’re so civil. What if our assumption is a false hope? What if hate

Psalm 119l

An illuminated screen serves as a lantern to find my children in the darkness. Beyond specifications it discovers my sleeping heart.;hcsb

Psalm 119k

Nothing is moored to the dock. The tethers are all frayed from the constant inconsistencies. Or does the port no longer reach the sea?;hcsb

Psalm 119j

A thin communion wafer,   I feel like a drop of anything might dissolve me altogether.   But grace reconstitutes.;nlt

Psalm 119i

I spend hours    trying to erase around the edges, rarely thinking of how I’m being     filled in. Brushes and palletes are consequential.      It’s the artist

Psalm 119h

Claim to own a thing and it can claim you back to master you. Grace claims you and turns you loose to win you.

Psalm 119g

Snake oil must cure something – if not the salesman’s poverty, the buyer’s conscience. For a moment all is right. But the peddling of false