Psalm 98

Music won’t obey sometimes Life plays a soundtrack that sucks the moment away but the trees know and sing better.;niv2011

Psalm 97

How am I right, so wronged, fighting each longing to thrash the unforgiven? You must be driven by grace to true me.;niv2011

Psalm 96

Do I long for justice? Or do I crave a strong sense of favoritism, special consideration, and mercy.;niv2011

Psalm 95

I can cut stone with carbide parts. But what can melt flinty hearts and soften steeled wills? An exalted God.;esv

Psalm 94

We wish God had a WMD and a big red button we itch to push. He’s promised to manage problems personally.;niv2011

Psalm 93

If I were a witness from the start of time, I could not avoid icing over, instead of endlessly warming my heart.;niv2011

Psalm 92

We grow where we want to be, thriving, because we feel rooted. Where we mature is a matter of productivity.;niv2011

Psalm 91

If God were to visit unannounced, would we ask that he apply for residency? Or build a pronounced and gated wall?;niv2011