Psalm 107

A story of people fleeing pain and the gory slaughter of innocents is seeing history on repeat. But then God saves.;niv2011

Psalm 106

What wonton craving would I let lead me from holy places to forgotten hollows? Is it beyond saving or fading?;niv2011

Psalm 105

I don’t want a king. I want a conspirator breathing out attaboys when I feel the sting of what I’ve done.;niv

I miss you. When the world is full of cheers and lights and life, I miss you. When the songs turn wintry, heavenly, and peaceful

Psalm 104

Can I enjoy what is made like the Maker does? Would that turn my head to my creations and swap delight for dread?;niv2011

Psalm 103

Friends forgive. But a trespass can stain worse than a spilled wineglass: hard to ignore, despite being cleansed.;niv2011

Psalm 102

We may clot our ears with waxy blots of fear to screen out needs that scream. But God is a sympathetic refugee.;niv2011

Psalm 101

Gentle pressure can heal fresh hurts. But justice can be a crushing depth that bludgeons the guilty.;niv2011

Hate seems a searing, smoldering thing – an undying death of bearing and shouldering up. It’s a puff of powder, a strobe of night, when

The children are chirping at the bus stop, fed on their parents regurgitations. “Are you Spanish?” “He doesn’t look Spanish.” “He looks Asian!” (What does

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